Employing Military Veterans

Finding pools of untapped talent to fill in-demand roles is HR’s top priority. Over the past decade there has been significant interest among employers in hiring veteran job seekers.  Hiring veterans has proven to be a successful strategy; in addition to gaining high-performing employees with low turnover, companies generally earn enormous goodwill from customers and a public-image boost when they commit to hiring more military veterans.

Many veterans agonize about finding post-service employment. They worry about whether their skills are transferable even though most are highly educated and adapt well to skill translation. They’re concerned about adapting to a new culture after serving in a unique institution that’s a largely transparent, hierarchical organization with a well-defined purpose and strict rules.  Often these challenges arise because veterans and employers are seeking concrete and direct translation of roles.  It’s important to remember veterans are adept at skills transfer across contexts and task.  This is defined as the ability to recognize and act on the opportunities to transfer skills learned in a specific context to a different setting or circumstance.  Veterans exhibit high levels of resilience.  Veterans exhibit advanced team-building skills, exhibit strong organizational commitment and have cross-culture experiences and are skilled in diverse work settings.

We here at SJSHRM are committed to helping our local Military Veterans transition back into the workforce and we hope that by providing their resumes we can assist our local employers with hiring military veterans.

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