One Transaction. One Profile. Dual Membership.

SHRM is now taking steps to ensure that joining/renewing both your SHRM national membership and San Joaquin SHRM membership together is effortless. Welcome to dual membership.

Dual membership will provide SHRM members and existing dual members the ability to obtain and renew both memberships in the same transaction. One transaction, one profile. The combination of both memberships will help us come together to build tighter partnerships in order to combat HR challenges and help achieve overall success.

Don’t forget to add San Joaquin SHRM when you join or renew your SHRM professional membership and select the dual membership option when prompted. It’s that simple!

Already a SHRM Member? Visit your MySHRM profile, choose San Joaquin SHRM under Chapter Association and continue to the cart to process your transaction.

*Remember, there is NO additional cost to join the San Joaquin SHRM chapter if you are a member of SHRM National

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