Accommodating Mental Disabilities in the Workplace: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations

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This one-hour workshop will focus on the challenging legal and practical issues which employers face when dealing with employees with mental disabilities. The workshop will focus on the newly-published guidelines on mental disabilities published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Reasonable accommodation of mental disabilities, and whether such could cause an undue hardship to a business, will also be explored. The overlap between obligations under the Americans With Disabilities Act and other laws, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, will also be explored. Finally, recent cases involving mental disabilities in the workplace will be discussed.

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Learning objectives: Participants will:
1. Be able to identify when an obligation to engage in the “interactive process” with an employee is required.
2. Have a knowledge of best practices for accommodating mental disabilities in the workplace.
3. Understand the legal risks of failure to comply with obligations under the ADA and other laws protecting disabled workers.